Chimni Sponsors The House History Show - Saturday 15 May 2021, and the Summer Lectures!

Chimni are really pleased to announce the sponsorship of the first ever House History Show which will take place online 10am to 4.30pm GMT on 15 May, presented by the leading team of UK House Historians. The House History Show is aimed at all those interested in tracing the history of buildings and the people who once lived in them. Please find the programme details below.The full-day show will be followed by an online lecture series through May and June. 

The full-day programme will include a one-hour Keynote: A House Through Time – which will feature a conversation with historical consultant Deborah Sugg Ryan and research consultant Melanie Backe-Hansen from the popular BBC series A House Through Time. The day will also comprise presentations and discussions.

Topics to look forward to during the House History Show include:

  • ‘Terraced House Tales: New 19th Century Housing and its Occupants’ with Karen Averby
  • ‘Stepping Sideways: How to Step Round Brick Walls’ with Gill Blanchard
  • ‘Keynote: Sources for House History’ with Dr Nick Barratt, followed by 'In conversation with' Keith Searle
  • ‘London: Building Storeys’ with Ellen Leslie
  • ‘Don’t Judge a House by its Plaque’ with Cathy Soughton


Subsequent House History lectures in the summer series are: 

  • ‘Back to the Land: The National Farm Survey, Inland Revenue Survey, Tithe & Land Records’ with Gill Blanchard
  • ‘Who’s Been Living in My House?’ with Ellen Leslie
  • ‘A Virtual View: Online Sources’ with Cathy Soughton and Karen Averby
  • ‘The Interwar House: From Tenant to Home Owner’ with Prof Deborah Sugg Ryan

See here for more information:

Special House History show offer!

Basic Chimni logbooks are free to set up and use. In addition, for participants in Family Tree’s ‘House History Show’ Chimni are running a special offer. They have 200 ‘Map Starter Packs’ to offer for the first 200 participants to sign-up

For these 200 logbooks, Chimni will kickstart the logbook development by launching and displaying links to the relevant map sites for their home and showing how to build in other functions like links to census records. Just e-mail Nigel Walley at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. after you have set up a log-in and include #FamiltyTree2021 in the subject line.

Click Here to learn more about building House Histories in Chimni

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