34% of sales in England and Wales fall apart, at a massive cost of £250 million a year to home movers.  Poor or missing information is at the heart of this problem.

Even when sales proceed, badly prepared sellers can face up to 15 weeks of conveyancing before exchange and, with COVID, this number is going up.

Spending just an hour or two now, completing a property log book, instructing your property lawyer and getting the paperwork ready, before you have a buyer, can reduce timescales by as much as 12 weeks and reduce the risk of a buyer pulling out by as much as 50%.*


Which Ducks?  Which Rows?

There are so many ducks to line up, but don’t worry!  A huge number of them can be done before you commit to a sale (and you should probably try and keep them lined up anyway).  We focus on four ducks you need to line up! 

  • Documents
  • Sales pack
  • Experts
  • Numbers


Get Your Documents Sorted

Chimni recommend getting the big important documents sorted early and many of the key ones are now available online. Download them and store them :

Title Plan & Number – Find your Title Number and get a Title Plan Document from the Land Registry. (£3 well spent).

EPCs – A legal requirement before you can sell. They last 10 years so get one early.

Major Works Documentation - List out the major projects you have undertaken and make sure that you have all the permissions, certificates, guarantees and warrantees for each.

Specialist Works – if you have had damp proofing, timber treatment, or licenced tree works.

Home systems – for all major white/electronic goods and other smart home systems that you are including in the sale.


Create A ‘Sales Pack’

You will be asked to fill out Property Information Questionnaire by your estate agent just to list the property and then a series of standard legal forms. These are all available beforehand, and can be completed digitally within a Chimni log.  Fill them out


Research Conveyancers As Well As Agents

You need a solicitor or specialist ‘conveyancer’ as well as an agent to handle the legal side of the sale and transfer ownership from you to the buyer.


Get Finance For Your Next Sale Sorted

Identify the costs of selling

Get your current mortgage paperwork ready for the new lender.


Buying or selling in West London? Check out our Estate Agent Trial - details here or speak to your local agent about Chimni.

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