Create your house history digital logbook

Digital records have made the job of tracing a house history so much easier. As more records are made available online, better ways of navigating them and finding sources are appearing. The most obvious digital sources include the census records and archives made available through commercial providers.

However, maps, photos, surveys and artwork are also being digitised rapidly and social media has made the ‘unfindable’ findable.  Very often these sources also allow copies to be made, shared and included in house histories. As a result, keeping web links and references to the digital sources of this material has become an important part of the records we are all building. 

Click here to set up a free Chimni log with history timeline (its free!):

Capture the digital 'footprint' of your home

Whether you are running your own research or working with a historian, building a Chimni logbook as part of your house history project allows this digital ‘footprint’ to be captured. The ‘Events Timeline’ enables key events and actions to be recorded and displayed, and links to the source materials included. 

A digital logbook doesn’t replace the magic of a printed record, but adds an extra layer of interactivity and richness to a house history and facilitates easy sharing of material.


Click here to set up a free Chimni log with history timeline (its free!):

Private And Secure Records

Chimni history logbooks are private and secure records of your house history – the only people able to view them will be you and anyone you invite to view it. Over time, we will be adding networking and sharing functions, as well as summary pages that can be published as part of local area web sites or ‘One-Place’ studies.

A Chimni logbook allows you to create an online record of your house history that can also include records of work done on the property overtime, and links to other online sources such as local councils and the Land Registry. More importantly, they can be used as part of the legal record of your homes if you ever choose to sell. 

Click here to set up a free Chimni log with history timeline (its free!):

A Unique Digital Timeline 

The 'History' section of a Chimni Log features a unique timeline that allows you to tell the story of your home through pictures, online records, maps and census reports.  The image below is a screen grab of a typical timeline, with 'info modules' for every key finding, document or event.    The timeline lays out the story in a scrolling format, with each module able to show an image, summary text and links to online sources. 



Click here to set up a free Chimni log with history timeline (its free!):


Things To Include In Your Timeline

 The history timeline can provide a step by step summary of the amazing things you've found about your home. It can hold and display:

'Maps' - Show your home through time with links to the original online versions of a wide range of historical maps

'Photos' -  Either digitise your own photos or share archive photos online to create a living history magazine.

'Links To Online Census - Census records for every home are online with Ancestry and FindMyPast and can be linked to your timeline.

'Personal Records' - Create a useful home for digital copies of all your own home records.

'Local Stuff' - Link your home timeline to the work of local Residents Associations and History Groups.

'Social Stuff' - Use social media to share photos, documents and links to other online resources.

'Fun Stuff' - Include fun -photos of your street in days gone by.


Click here to set up a free Chimni log with history timeline (its free!):




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